Anna Mee Allerslev

Anne M Allerslev

To the public, ​Anna Mee Allerslev ​is ​probably best known for h​er ​work as​ ​Employment and Integration Mayor of Copenhagen​​ a​nd ​chair​ ​of the ​National Association of Councils’ ​Children and Culture Committee. But as employment mayor​,​ ​an additional focus area for ​Anna Mee Allerslev ​has been to ​creat​e ​synergies between ​job creation and Copenhagen ​City Council’s ​ ​enterprise ​policy and services. ​To that end, after the last election, Anna Mee Allerslev ​resumed responsibility for Copenhagen’s new ​business centre, which aims to​ ​make it easier to do business in Copenhagen. ​The business centre offer​s​ small ​and ​large ​enterprises​ flexible access to the council​,​ entrepreneurship ​training​ and ​support for international citizens​, looking for jobs in Copenhagen. In addition, Anna Mee Allerslev ​sits on the board of Copenhagen Capacity​, the inward investment promotion agency (IPA) for Copenhagen,​ and ​played a key role in putting Copenhagen on ​the map of leading Fin​Te​ch hubs.